Sparkling White Teeth is your dream??? Do you know how to get...

Sparkling White Teeth is your dream??? Do you know how to get White Teeth Naturally???


Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond so taking care of them are important because smile attracts first..

For a pearly white smile you can try these tips:

  • Rubbing the inside fibrous part of the ripe banana peel, to make your teeth sparkle.
  • Strawberries can be rubbed on the teeth in pureed form or cut into halves and used.
  • Table salt may be used to rub stains off the teeth. Use fingertips for best results.
  • Inside of orange peel to rub the teeth for good results.
  • Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, cucumber, celery and parsley help in removing stains on teeth.

Avoid these things for a better smile:

  • Fizzy drinks peel away the tooth enamel and make the teeth weak and yellowish.
  • Drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, etc, are not only bad for health but also have a telling affect on the teeth as they restrict blood flow to the gums and cause extensive gum damage.
  • Smoking is also a major don’t for dental health as well as for general health. Nicotine leaves a residue on teeth causing yellowish stains on them.
  • Dark colour juices, like cranberry juice, leave stains on teeth due to the pigment and sugar they contain.
  • Black coffee is also a culprit against sparkling, white teeth.
  • Tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar are said to cause staining of teeth.
  • Red wine is said to stain the teeth as well as wear away tooth enamel.
  • It is better to drink green tea or herbal tea as black tea does cause some staining on the teeth.