Is that important to Maintain good hygiene for your false teeth...

Is that important to Maintain good hygiene for your false teeth ??


Dentures are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth which have nick name false tooth; they are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.


Food & New Dentures

Eating with new dentures will take a little practice and may be uncomfortable for some wearers for a few weeks. For the practice with the new denture, start with soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth. As you get used to new dentures, add other foods until you return to a normal diet. Be cautious with hot or hard foods and sharp edged bones or shells. And, avoid foods that are extremely sticky or hard. You should also avoid chewing gum while you wear the denture. Also, don’t use toothpicks while wearing dentures.

Cleaning dentures are a good sign of hygiene


It is important to clean dentures as it is to clean your natural teeth. Food can become caught around the edges of dentures and clasps, and the food can rot if you do not clean them thoroughly.

General rules for cleaning: brush, soak and brush again.

  • Keep a separate toothbrush for cleaning your dentures.
  • Brush dentures before soaking them, to help remove any bits of food.
  • Soak the dentures in a specialist cleaner for a short time and then brush the dentures again.
  • Brush them like natural teeth.
  • Make sure to clean all the surfaces of the dentures, including the surface which fits against your gums.
  • If notice build-up of stains or scale, make sure that dentures cleaned by your dentist
  • We recommend a small- to medium-headed toothbrush.