Oral Hygiene Is Important Even With Braces

Oral Hygiene Is Important Even With Braces

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Orthodontic braces are a perfect way to have not only healthy occlusion, but also beautiful and even teeth.

Still To achieve this one has to remember about oral hygiene for teeth with braces, which during orthodontic treatment is crucial. Taking care of oral hygiene will help us to avoid complications, tooth decay or gum inflammation. Proper brushing teeth with braces can also lead us to earlier correction of occlusion.

Teeth during orthodontic treatment are especially prone to decay and gum inflammation. This situation occurs because dental plaque often covers the metal parts of the braces and builds up in the areas which are difficult to reach. If it is not removed regularly, it transforms into tartar, which not only leads to tooth and gum problems, but also makes it difficult to remove the plaque building up on teeth. We always try to explain to patients who wear braces that daily, thorough cleaning of the mouth is absolutely essential.

There are special products which can be used to improve oral care:

  • Electric toothbrushes,
  • Toothbrush for cleaning the spaces between the braces,
  • And special dental floss.
  • An irrigator is also worth using, which will allow us to clean the interdental spaces and the spaces where braces stick with teeth.
  • The last stage should be washing the mouth with a mouthwash.

Apart from daily hygiene, during orthodontic treatment one should pay attention to diet as well. It is inadvisable to eat very hard products, such as nuts or hard-tacks, or sticky sweets, such as fudges or toffee. It is also advisable, with regard to oral care for teeth with braces, to limit the products causing tooth decay, such as sweets and sugared beverages.
One should also remember that the elements of braces on teeth may become stained. That’s why one should avoid eating foods containing strong colorants, such as beetroots, blackcurrants, berries, curry sauce, or red wine to avoid stains.