Importance of Dental Checkups….

Importance of Dental Checkups….

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Aligning Your Wheels??

Why Not Align Your Teeth

Those who own a car knows how important it is to align the tyres of the car to get better tyre life stability and fuel efficiency for the car. You just own a car for 5-10 years. How much more important it is align your teeth that serves you in speech smile and digestion of food? You may have an expensive car. But will you take it your bedroom or your conference table?? The teeth and your smile have a pivotal role in your happy life.  Enjoy options of aligning your teeth affectively and painlessly with the newer options.

If you think:

  • You don’t have time-do smile designing
  • You don’t have patience- try veneers/ crowns
  • You don’t have to show other-wear clear aligner or Invisalign
  • You don’t have much to spend – do braces/ orthodontics
  • You don’t wanna change anything-that doesn’t work as everything changes over time

So enjoy smiling and spread smile no matter what you do or where you are. Special treatments are available for NRIs Tourists and visitors to India that can truly help them smile and bite better to live a better life.

Smile designing

Done as to improve smile by correcting spaces or crowding  with nano-ceramic light cured veneers to match the proportions of face. Helps the patient to smile widely and boost confidence in just an hour.


  • Low Cost,
  • Time saving


  • Discolouration over 5-10 years,
  • Solely depends on the artistic ability of the doctor.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners and Invisalign are 3D printed pre-programmed alignment tools made of medical grade FDA approved transparent polyurethane plastic. The aligners are staged, programmed and planned to move teeth to the best desired position. Usually 10-30 sets of aligners that need to be changed fortnightly moves teeth to ideal position without pain discomfort or ulcerations. Hence these clear plastic invisible braces have become the choice for most orthodontic problems now.


  • Can eat all food,
  • less irritation,
  • Invisible & Painless,
  • Faster than traditional.


  • cost,
  • more patient compliance required as “it is removable”.

Orthodontics/ Braces:

The traditional yet most trusted and time tested method to correct bites and smiles. Cost effective and predictable results if done under experienced hand.


  • Can correct complex cases like open bite and gummy smile,
  • Lower Cost


  • Strict food adherence to avoid breakage of brackets,
  • Depends on the clinical skills of the dentist.