Dental examination can Reveals a lot About Your Overall Health

Dental examination can Reveals a lot About Your Overall Health


Dental examination can Reveals  a lot About Your Overall Health

Its true when dentist inform about a regular six months checkup a sudden question will arise in the mind….

Six months… six months … checkup ??? for what ????

As we all do Dental exams are normally on the bottom of our to do list unless we get bad teeth or  a tooth causing pain.

 However,when you are keeping dental examination aside because of day to day busy schedule its conform that you are missing the opportunity to keep your teeth longer, healthy and more over missing a chance to consider other medical issues you have got.

Note these out researches proven that dental health have a direct impact on overall health.

Here are some conditions that a dentist can point out about the overall health

Anemia – Gums that appear light pink or almost white can indicate a very low iron level, which is an indicator of anemia.

Antidepressant Use – The dry mouth that comes from taking antidepressants can create a problem with increased cavities in your teeth.

Stress – When you are stressed, your body creates more cortisol, which is the main cause of inflammation. During stressful times, gum and tooth problems are likely to worsen. Not only is the risk of inflammation greater, but we also tend to neglect things like our teeth when stressed.

Diabetes – One of the many side-effects of this disease is the repeated creation of abscesses on the teeth roots and sometimes between teeth. This is often one of the earliest signs of diabetes.

Autoimmune disorders – Many times these disorders can cause either red or white spots in the mouth. While the spots themselves are easy to treat, if left untreated, they can turn into ulcers. These ulcers are extremely painful and difficult to treat.

Heart disease – This is the big one. The same bacteria that cause gum disease also causes heart problems by clogging the major arteries feeding the heart. It is very likely that a person with long-term gum disease may also have heart trouble.

So kindly Do a regular checkups to keep both oral and overall health perfect for a beautiful future, for that we Dr.Nechupadam Dental,Marine drive welcomes you all to our clinic to “take home a smile”.