An Improved Lumineers…

An Improved Lumineers…



Lumineers® are an improved version of porcelain veneers which are thinner than traditional porcelain. Cerinate® a patented branded type of porcelain are used for the production of this lumineers. This can be equalizing to the thickness of contact lenses. These are also nicknamed as no-prep veneers because of its minimal tooth surface reduction.

Specialties of Lumineers:

  1. Completely pain free and highly resilient.
  2. No post placement discomfort or sensitivity.
  3. Provide natural appearance & comfortable while smiling.
  4. Without the removal of tooth structure it can be placed.
  5. Reversible procedure.
  6. Covers only visible portion of the teeth.
  7. Replace minor tooth imperfections with straightens and lengthens teeth.
  8. Conceals stained and discoloured teeth.
  9. They are color stable and have the capacity to last for years.
  10. Those veneers can improve the smile by hiding dental issues.

Still every individual tooth is different and requires personalized consultation before deciding on the procedure. For that dentist being with a smile analysis of the patient to achieve the smile patient desires.