Are You Traveling to Kerala??

Are You Traveling to Kerala??

Are You Traveling to Kerala??


Must to do activities in Kerala

Have you tried draping a Saree or wearing a Mundu??

Have you seen where the nutmeg and rubber come from??

While visiting Kerala it is time to know the secrets of nature and its magical power on health cuisine and industry. Kerala offers you natural visual delights but if you really Wanna soak in the natural bliss that this god’s Own Country boasts itself with you need to follow an experienced trail that can really help you take home a smile…

Are You Travelling to Kerala

1. Try a large Dosa with all great toppings of Pai Dosa.


2. Wear a Saree( Women) or a Mundu with shawl (Men)


3. Go for a trip on local canoe( Vallam) and explore the waterways.

Sleep evening in a House Boat

4. Sleep evening in a House Boat at houseboat at Kumarkom .

a coconut farm

5. Visit a coconut farm and try coconut water (full of natural minerals and freshing calories) or Meera ( A brewable sweet beverage with loads of vitamin B) Or kallu a local brewed alcoholic beverage.

????????????????????????????????????6. Enjoy fishing at Matsyafed Catch some pearl spot (Karimeen) and savour the local tasty karimeen moilee (Prepared with turmeric & coconut milk garnished with Curry Leaves) or an easy way to taste Pearl spot is to Visit Grand Hotel at MG Road the hotel of the 60’s.

Ayurveda7. Have a rejuvenation of your skin, relaxation of your mind and cleansing of your, System with the ancient medical science which is cradled at kerala. Right at Punarnava( Sanskrit word for rejuvenation) Ayurveda. The experts combine modern medicines diagnostic methods and treat the ailments with the ancient medicinal systems that uses medicinal herbs and oils. Panchakarma, yoga and abyangam makes your body replenishes natural resistance and vigour.

Fort Cochin

8. Walk through the gallies of Fort kochi and soak in the sun doing hide and seek through the Chinese fishing nets and lots of wayside markets that beckon you to take collectibles from the heart land of India . Experience the colonial time with portygese and western architecture making perfect fusion with spice trady markets.


9. Don’t miss Dr.Thomas Nechupadam who has a clinic at Marine Drive making quick but aesthetic correction of your teeth that can make your smile wider and chew better. He has 52 years of tradition of dental experience & modern treatment acumen that can magically transform you to forgot your fear on Dentistry


10. Get enthralled on a festival, dancing to the tunes of Chenda and Nadaswaram or watch the thrilling experience of kalaripayattu(the traditional martial art using hands and words) or kathakali(the traditional dance narrating old folk lords.)