Aligned Teeth Without Braces : No Pain, No Gains

Aligned Teeth Without Braces : No Pain, No Gains

Aligned Teeth Without Braces : No Pain, No Gains..

Aligned Teeth Without Braces : No Pain, No Gains..
Aligned Teeth Without Braces : No Pain, No Gains..

Miss Teena is a very bright young girl working in a MNC. Her teeth and the smile were perfect during school days. But now the upper tooth has gaps and lower teeth are crowded and stained. A busy bee at work she does not have time for dental consultation. But the peer pressure is increasing as she stopped smiling and now is covering the face somehow when in public talks. Marriage is imminent but she is not confident in smiles. When she searched internet she saw aligners as an option without braces.

Why aligners??

  1. Multiple visits to dental office is not required.
  2. Un-aesthetic brackets and wires that might give low self confidence can be avoided.
  3. No food restrictions of hard food, nuts and crackers.
  4. A great smile even while on treatment that can even be flaunted on a wedding day
  5. More over it is comfortable reliable and much more hygienic than traditional braces.

What are Aligners??

Aligners are custom designed 3D printed thin clear plastic appliances that can move teeth in stages of two weeks started in 2000 in USA. The aligner therapy has improved steadily with digital technology and presently is 3D printed to deliver precise & quality results through planned and research based algorithms. Globally there are more than a million smiles being treated and corrected with aligners. Indian patients are also beneficial from aligners since 2010.

Can aligners do tough orthodontic movements? All cases that can be treated with orthodontics can be treated with aligners especially Invisalign®. Complex cases may not be treated with clear aligners of other system but Invisalign system can do most difficult cases, thanks to the three systems mainly smart force, smart staying and smart track (the material).

Era of comfortable digital dentistry has really leapt forward with the new technological innovations in Aligner therapy. The patient’s time is well respected and quality is assured with this new trendsetter in orthodontics. A good clinician with astute skills in diagnosis and orthodontic movement planning can really make beautiful smiles that are long lasting. Thanks to convergence of medical research and digital technology, no pains and all gains is the new mantra spreading in the orthodontic treatment plans.