Natural Ways to keep your teeth healthy

Natural Ways to keep your teeth healthy


Regular care of your teeth is very essential. But sometimes you need more than your regular care. Like in cases you have a tooth ache or an infection and you cannot immediately access some professional help. Here is some tips, which is natural and toxic to take care of your teeth and gums.

Drink plenty of water, the water will stimulate saliva production, it will also remove any leftover particles. The positive effects of staying hydrated will help your health too. Don’t drink a lot of lemonade instead of water; because of its acidic nature it will do more harm to the teeth. Also stay from sports drinks which are acidic and have lots of sugar in them.  If you are habituated to drinking plain water, try mild flavouring or non citrus fruit juices

Green tea with its polyphenol compounds is a great drink to have when it comes to tooth care. Having green tea will help inhibition of bacterial growth. Black tea is also good, but it stains your teeth.  Whatever beverages you, please understand that high acid content can wear away your tooth enamel.

To sweeten your breath, chew on a cinnamon stick for its bacteria-busting essential oil (helpful, too, for anyone who’s trying to quit smoking or nail biting – two habits that are harmful to your teeth) or a few sprigs of parsley, for its chlorophyll content. Suck on a whole clove as an inexpensive, easily available measure to lessen the pain of a toothache. Of course, this must be followed up with an emergency dentist visit ASAP.

Newly back in fashion, oil pulling – that is, swishing the mouth with a teaspoonful of unrefined vegetable oil such as olive or coconut for 20 minutes – stems from an ancient Ayurvedic practice. This method of cleansing is said to benefit oral and dental health in numerous ways – whitening the teeth, lessening sensitivity, alleviating bad breath, and reducing the mouth’s bacterial content. Just be sure to spit the used oil into the garbage, not down the sink or toilet. Otherwise, you might end up needing a plumber to clear your drain.