Five Uncommon Reasons For Bad Breath In Children

Five Uncommon Reasons For Bad Breath In Children


Five Uncommon Reasons For Bad Breath In Children


Having your kids brush their teeth before they go to bed each night helps them learn good oral hygiene practices. And while twice-daily tooth brushing is good for developing teeth, it always enough to stop bad breath from occurring. Bad breath isn’t always solely an oral health issue, there can be other causes that need a different solution. Here are five surprising causes of bad breath in children and how to stop them.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is an important for washing away odour causing bacteria. Its very important for children to stay hydrated, especially for those who are active into sports. If they don’t get enough water, their mouth will dry up and help bacteria grow. Lack of saliva can also cause tooth decay and cavities. So make sure that your children drink enough water and stay hydrated.


Sinus Infection

Sore throat and stuffy nose are symptoms of sinus infection. Sinus infections cause fluids to gather in nasal passages and providing perfect camping for bacteria. If you can see these symptoms please consult an ENT doctor. Once the sinus infection is rectified, the bad breath will slowly subside.


Foreign Objects

It may be a rare chance but bad breath can also be a result of something stuck in the nasal passages. Sometimes kids insert beads, beans of parts of toys into their nostrils. Doctors vouch on the fact that bad breath can occur due the presence of a foreign object in the nasal cavity. Most probably you will need a doctor’s help to check and remove the object .


Swollen Tonsils

In some cases swollen tonsils may cause bad breath. Healthy tonsils are pink and spotless, but when infected the tonsils turn red, inflamed and will have white spots. Bacteria accumulate in the pits of swollen tonsils and can cause bad breath. If you doubt your child has a tonsil infection consult a paediatrician immediately.


Oral Issues: Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Even prompt oral care and hygiene aren’t enough to avoid bad smell originating from tooth decay and oral infections. If your kid has a cavity, sure it’s time to see a dentist. Tooth paste for children will help prevent tooth decay and other oral infection, but it cannot prevent a cavity.

Most parents think that bad breath is a result of the lack of oral hygiene. It’s not so. Regular brushing is necessary, but not enough to stop unpleasant odour due to oral infections.  Please visit your dentist for expert care.