Pregnancy Dental Diseases and It’s Care

Pregnancy Dental Diseases and It’s Care

Pregnancy Diseases and It's Care

Pregnancy Diseases and It's Care
Pregnancy Diseases and It's Care

In Pregnancy there occur many of the dental problems and if these are not treated by providing dental care then these can complicate the birth of child. Some of the Pregnancy Diseases are:

1. Pregnancy Gingivitis

In Pregnancy Gingivitis, the gums become red, swollen and they bleed easily even on slight touching. Gingivitis is common to found in any person but in Pregnancy due to increase in the level of hormones i.e. progesterone and estrogen these symptoms are easy to find as the blood circulation rises in gums and the whole body.

2. Pregnancy Periodontal diseases

If the gingivitis in Pregnancy is not cured by proper dental care then this can lead to further gum destruction leading to periodontal diseases. Teeth can become loose in the socket leading to great mobility indicating bone loss. This can lead to Pregnancy complications like having the labor pains before the given time or low weight of baby after birth.

3. Pregnancy Tumors

All the above mention diseases finally end in forming tumor which is known as the Pregnancy Tumor. This can be removed by dentist according to the conditions or otherwise it is very difficult for the pregnant woman to eat something or even drink.

At Home Dental Care

Brush twice with fluoridated tooth paste.
Use floss regularly.
Visit dentist for oral prophylaxis.
Avoid much of sugar intake.
Use antibacterial mouthwash.
Eat a healthy diet.