Plaque a most common dental problem

Plaque a most common dental problem


Plaque forms when foods containing carbohydrates, such as milk, soft drinks, raisins, cakes, or candy are frequently left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth feed on these foods, producing acids as a result. These acids destroy tooth enamel which leads to tooth decay. Plaque can also develop on the tooth roots under the gum and cause breakdown of the bone supporting the tooth.

It can be prevented by simple ways:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a soft, rounded-tip bristled toothbrush.
  • Use a fluoride-containing toothpaste.
  • Floss between teeth at least once a day to remove food particles and bacteria.
  • Use an anti bacterial mouth rinse to reduce bacteria that cause plaque and gum     disease.
  • Eat a balanced diet and limit the number of between-meal snacks.

Dental health is so important and this would help explain plaque to the kids and give a visual !!


Plaque is a soft, sticky film that builds up on your teeth and contains millions of bacteria. The bacteria in plaque cause tooth decay and gum disease if they are not removed regularly through brushing and flossing.When you eat, the bacteria in plaque use the sugars in your food to produce acids that eat away at the tooth enamel. Repeated attacks cause the enamel to break down, eventually resulting in a cavity (or hole) in the tooth surface. Plaque that is not removed daily by brushing and flossing between teeth can eventually harden into tartar..