Dental Emergencies; Things to know.

Dental Emergencies; Things to know.

Management of Dental Emergencies

Management of Dental Emergencies
Management of Dental Emergencies

As we know Dental Emergencies can be a problem

Bitten Lip or Tongue

 In case of having Dental Emergencies like Bitten Lip or tongue, one should clean that area with cold water properly without rubbing. If the bleeding does not stop then the consultation with Dr.Nechupadam Dental, marine Drive is must.

Tooth Pain

In case of having tooth pain, don’t put any medicine on the tooth these can worsen the tooth. Visit dentist immediately as the tooth pain occurs due to various reasons and the proper diagnosis should be done by Dr.Nechupadam Dental, Marine Drive,Ernakulam.  After the evaluation of reason of tooth pain, appropriate treatment of the tooth should be encountered from Dr.thomas K Paulose.

Fractured Tooth

Having the fracture tooth is one of the most dangerous Dental Emergency and the individual should Consult dentist immediately. In case of having any swelling, ice packs can be placed on the area and rinsing of mouth without any pressure with warm water is advised.

Removal of tooth

In case of having tooth that comes out from the socket, one should not go for vigorous cleaning of the tooth as this can leads to the removal of tissues from the tooth.

Embedment of something

 In this case of Dental Emergency, one should go for slight removal of thing from the teeth and gums or flossing can be done. If it does not get removed,consult Dr.Nechupadam Dental, Marine Drive, Ernakulam.