Crowns Can be a Mask

Crowns Can be a Mask

Metal Crowns, Precious Alloy


Metal Crowns 

Generally metal crowns make use of gold alloys or base metal alloys like that of chromium or nickel. If compared to the other crown types with metal, minimal amount of tooth structure has to be removed and wearing out of adjacent teeth is also minimal. They are best suited for restoring hidden molars. Metal crowns last for a very long period and resist chipping and breaking better than other types of crown. These are best suitable for patients who have strong chewing habits and are likely to clench and grind their teeth often. Thus, metal crowns have 10 years warranty.

Precious Alloy

Made with a composition of over 60% high noble metals like gold, platinum and palladium, of which more than 40% would be gold, they make excellent metal alloy to work with. They have increased resistance to thermal distortion. Moreover, they have good biocompatibility, which can help to avoid immunoreactions of human body and injuries on periodontal tissue imposed by restorations also they have 10 years warranty.