Cracked Tooth syndrome

Cracked Tooth syndrome

Cracked Tooth syndrome

Cracked Tooth syndrome
Cracked Tooth syndrome

Is that worrying you badly.. But remember this can cause sleep less nights..

Sometimes problems of teeth would be difficult to diagnose as the facts does not appear very clear. Like this there is a condition which is known as Cracked Tooth Syndrome in which the patient complains of pain in the affected tooth but there occurs no reason for the cause.

In Cracked Tooth Syndrome, there occurs a crack in the tooth structure that is the reason behind all the problems like pain, sensitivity etc.

The main reason behind having Cracked Tooth Syndrome is bruxism or clenching of the teeth that can weaken the tooth structure.

Other contributing factors of Cracked Tooth Syndrome are the consumption of pan, gutka or having the betel quid.

The main line of treatment plan is to diagnose the case properly, diagnosing its signs and symptoms and letting the treatment get started before giving any inappropriate delay.

  • Pin on mastication but the pain get worse while releasing the bite.
  • Sensitivity to extremes of temperatures but the tooth responses to cold things very aggressively.
  • Pain reported by the person without any findings by the dentist can be the symptom of Cracked Tooth Syndrome.
  • Sometimes Cracked Tooth Syndrome can be noticed only after the removal of restoration and then the cracks can be evaluated.