Dr.Nechupadam, Smiles…..

Dr.Nechupadam, Smiles…..

Dr.Nechupadam, Dental, marine Drive, teeth, mouth, filling

Dr.Nechupadam, Dental, marine Drive, teeth, mouth, filling
Dr.Nechupadam, Dental, marine Drive, teeth, mouth, filling

Hello, is this Dr.Thomas Nechupadam? Sir my teeth is forwardly placed, How much is it for put braces??

Dr.Thomas Nechupadam: Ma’am how much forwardly placed is your teeth ?

Ma’am : little, sir

Dr.Thomas Nechupadam is perplexed what to say !!!

Let us look an another incident:

Hello, I’m Hariharan calling from Palakkad, Is this architect Mohanan?, sir what is the price for building a house???

Architect Mohanan was really perplexed and asked him

Where is it going to build?

How much is the sq.ft?

How many rooms you want?

What sight you like?

How many cents of land is there?

Have you done a soil test?

Now Mr. Hariharan was perplexed because he is not aware of technical details. So Hariharan invited Architect to see the place and explanations of details.

This is the same case even with Dr.Thomas Nechupadam. He answers online questions but not the price. Just because he can’t guess the work, the problem, how much is the complicity and  how much mal-occlusion is there, how many teeth has to manage, how many mille meter teeth want to move, is it a skeleton mal-occlusion or dental mal-occlusion.

Most of the time such details like intra oral examination can’t be done by patients.  It’s foolishness to decide a treatment plan without proper history,Clinical examination and sometimes radiograph examination.

 There are different types of dental braces or orthodontic treatment which can help to give a better smile and much importantly a better function. Orthodontic treatment is a complex procedure which requires diagnostic ability and good clinical acumen. Clinical abilities various from doctor to doctor and standards of appliances which is choose. Sometimes appliances can reduce visits to the clinic, when some are much comfortable and ascetics. So it is constructive response of patient, parents and the doctor to analysis the aspiration, concerns, problems and to reach a conclusion where stability of achieved result are permanent and will not disturb the activity of child during or after treatment.

Internet and Google search can give you some ideas of different dental treatments, but it requires a skilled clinician to translate the same into successful orthodontic treatment in your children’s mouth. So get your child to an orthodontist and get the best braces which are affordable, comfortable and best suitable for dental problem. Remember the same if you give “peanuts we get monkeys”.